Everything Before Us Trailer

Watched on: Netflix

Production  Company: Wong Fu Productions (YouTube)

Dir.: Philip Wang, Wesley Chan

Production Design: Stephanie Hass

Genres listed: Drama, Independent Drama, Romantic Dramas

My rating: 4.5/5

Rotten Tomatoes: 74%

Culturally Significant Because: Predominantly Asian-American cast and crew. Way to fight the hegemony and exhibit unity, y’all. No, but honestly- I loved this. Representation is so important. Really happy that Wong Fu chose to do this.

Before we start, if a movie can make me cry- it automatically bumps up its rating. This movie made me cry.

Other than that, I enjoyed it because the concept they introduced, of the EI, was normalized within the script. They didn’t feel the need to keep reintroducing what the EI was, and once it was established, they left it alone. I have to think further (I literally just watched the movie) on what the EI was a metaphor for, but I liked its existence as one nonetheless.

The Production Design was soooo good. It looked very nice.

The only thing that confused me was near the end. I didn’t realize that the girl was in London then. I thought she was still in San Francisco so the pounds confused me. Also, when the EI agent was giving the audit recording to Sara, I thought it was unrealistic that he would do it so openly if it was illegal.

But- I really enjoyed this as a love story, and I kept switching back and forth between who I was rooting for. The characters weren’t one-sided at all. They had a lot of depth to them. Also, sometimes there were exaggerated facial expressions, but they were consistent, so I think that they worked within the film. It reminded me of Roshomon by Akira Kurosawa. Literally only because we just watched it in my international film class. There was a comment from another director about how exaggerated the expressions within Roshomon were, and it reminded me of how there is a purpose to facials. People are probably pretty out-there with their facial expressions in real life, anyway.

Anyway, Everything Before Us is another reminder of how YouTube and streaming has definitely become a game-changer.

This generation is making some cool strides. Yay us. 🙂



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