Tiny Furniture Trailer

Watched on: Netflix

Production Company: Tiny Ponies

Dir.: Lena Dunham

Genres listed: Comedies, Dramas, Independent Dramas (Cerebral, Witty, Quirky)

My rating: 3/5

Rotten Tomatoes: 79%

Culturally Significant: Not the cast. Women leads, but all white cast pretty much. Invisible Mexicans.

What I really liked about Tiny Furniture is the experience that it is detailing with. Aura is a summer out of college and lost within the in between stage. As someone in college who had a very rough year, I thought it was very poignant how Aura could get very upset and cry about things that were seemingly not a big deal. It highlighted how she just wanted her family to understand while she took time to get herself together.

I also liked the long takes and how Lena Dunham didn’t seem to feel the need to always show the character’s expression up close.

How it was mostly devoid of a soundtrack was nice, and I liked the dryness of the film and the dialogue. The characters all seemed to have a good amount of depth to them.

The shower scene after she is disappointed by the chef was great. It showed how she could not get the moment out of her head and how it was bothering her.

I would have wanted to see what happened with her friend Frankie, but I liked where and how it ended. The ticking of the clock was a good metaphor for time and how it’s passing in both of their lives.

Figuring out what the title means. I’m thinking tiny furniture is usually resolved for a doll’s house, but she has these adult friends that played with miniature pieces and her mother did too. It seems to be a metaphor for feeling like you’re playing house but as an adult.

I liked it.


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