Beautiful Losers Trailer

Watched on: Netflix

Production Company: Sidetrack Films, Blacklake Productions, Perception Media

Director: Aaron Rose, Joshua Leonard

Genres Listed: Documentaries, Social & Cultural Docs

I wrote this in my diary yesterday so I’ll just copy it from there:

I just watched this documentary called “Beautiful Losers”. It was about a group of artists. They all seemed to know each other but not really talk now. It was a really interesting doc and a cool subculture-esque thing to learn about. It was really sad though…

In a way, it seemed like a lot of them were longing for the past or confused about things now. But, that isn’t all it seemed like. It seemed like they had a lot of fun and that some of them were content. All the portraits, for the confusion and uncertainty, struck me as honest and realistic.

My favorite guy was the blonde-haired one. He was so open. They ended the film with him and his advice was to continue to see art and say, “this is rad!” and to have a hero, instead of saying, “this sucks!”. Then he, wearing a suit, said to never trust anything anyone in a suit says. Then the film cut.

Some parts I was into but I also had my normal distracted, too many thoughts going on thing.

So, I was unsure what to rate it because it confused my feelings. A 3 or a 4? I didn’t know. 

It had hope, but it wasn’t hopeful. It was mainstream, but it didn’t seem like it wanted to be. It was sad and nostalgic but not all the time. 

Regardless, I’ll remember it. 




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