Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Watched in: Tinseltown Theaters

Production Company: Marvel Studios, Marvel Entertainment

Director: Joe Russo and Anthony Russo

Genre: Superhero, Action

My rating: 4/5 (It might have been a 5/5, but I was very distracted so I’m unsure)

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

I love superhero movies, with Batman being my favorite. Captain America and Superman are my least favorite. I had never seen a Captain America movie before this one, unless Avengers counts, and this movie seemed to me to be more of an Avengers than just a Captain America story. Regardless, I think the Marvel and DC worlds are magical, and there’s something fascinating about superhero movies and the whole “Marvel Cinematic Universe” on its own. I hope Stan Lee is ecstatic to see his creations come to life in this way.

Again, I was distracted as I just have a more difficult time concentrating on movies lately, but as always, the superhero movie was funny. I liked the introduction of Spiderman into the world. Elizabeth Olsen is really good as Wanda, but if someone who is actually from the area her character is supposed to be takes issue with her playing them, I can hear ya. But I enjoy her performance, and the costuming her and her brother received in Age of Ultron was so well done. I saw it at one of the Hollywood theaters, and they had an exhibit downstairs, and it was awesome to see the creation of them. BUT- back to Civil War- in the trailer, I found it very sad when Iron Man said, “so was I” when Capt. said “He’s my friend”, but I didn’t find it as sad within the actual movie.

I enjoyed Bucky being part of the story, however. It was multifaceted with the way Captain wanted to handle him, and there have already been memes featuring Bucky that are pretty funny. I have no idea why the random words were a magic combination, but that’s okay- it’s their story, and they can tell it how they want.

Robert Downey, Jr. is Iron Man, and I actually left this movie liking Captain America. He does have nice teeth/a nice smile.



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