Jungle Book Trailer

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Trailer

Watched in: Tinseltown Theaters

Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures (JB), Point Grey Pictures (N2)

Dir.: Jon Favreau (JB), Nicholas Stoller (N2)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Family (JB); Comedy (N2)

So, I won’t talk that much about Jungle Book because I fell asleep for the middle of it. Which isn’t to say anything about the movie itself at all, I just couldn’t see it very well and that made me tired. However, the production design was ON POINT. I love how intricate animation and CGI is. Details are always important, but with animation, it always amazes me. For example, there was the scene after the forest has already been set on fire accidentally and the animals are coated in a red light. That was my favorite thing about the production design. So intricate, and it makes such a difference.

Anyway, on to Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Sure, movies aren’t perfect, and I don’t feel like focusing on what could have been improved with this movie, so I’m just going to focus on everything that I liked about it.

  1. “Reverse sexism isn’t a thing.” -S/O Reverse Racism
  2. It was very overt with its social commentary, which I didn’t expect so much of from Universal. I, personally, like when the commentary is more subtle like in international cinema, but it is usually pretty overt in Hollywood. Which actually might serve our audiences well. So, I didn’t mind it being so obvious. I enjoyed it.
  3. Yay Marriage Equality.
  4. Double yay for when the girls have to throw their “sell-out” party, and they revert to the clothes they are comfortable in, but the other sorority girls come by and remain in the dressy clothes that they are comfortable in.
  5. Yay threads of friendship. I almost started crying near the end when their friendship was crumbling and the neighbor acted to save it. (S/o Delta Delta Delta, I feel that sisterhood)
  6. The brothel joke. (Yeah, just like sororities can’t throw parties, the brothel law is actually still on books)

So, actually I do want to throw in two critiques haha (surprise).

  1. Asian stereotype. They made the Asian girl have a weird personality. Which is fine, own the weirdness- EXCEPT, it’s a stereotype we have seen before in various TV shows and comedic films. Let’s see some more realistic portrayals.
  2. The editing was really fast paced. Kind of like an action film, but there were times when I wanted it to slow down. However, it was consistently that pace the entire film, so there’s that.


No rating for Jungle Book (RT: 95%) since I didn’t see the whole thing and 4/5 for Neighbors 2 (RT: 62%).



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