AHHH. I just finished Season 1 of Jane the Virgin (I know I’m a year late), and it was FANTASTIC.

Literally, this show is so good.

I thought the final episode of the season was going to end in a very cute manner, and I was totally ready to awwww about it. Instead, it stuck to its true twist and turn telenovela format, and it had me yelling at the screen and flailing my arms instead.

Gina Rodriguez definitely deserved the Golden Globe that she received for her performance.

Something very special about the show is the depth of the characters. Even the ones who did so many shady things were still able to be championed. For example, Petra. She is so underhanded, but the audience still empathizes with her and her love for Rafael, overlooking that she cheated on him in the beginning of the series and sabotaged him and others since then. When she was kidnapped by Aaron/Roman, I still felt bad for her when she jumped when Michael came around and about the way she had to resort to calling her mother, Magda.

I keep switching between #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael because of how well done the character’s were. I end the season being Team Michael because he is such a good guy, cares so much about Jane, and remembers everything that she tells him. He constantly checks up on her and roots for her. That may be because he still loves her, but it’s sweet nonetheless.

Rafael and Jane argued too much for me to be Team Rafael near the end, but it’s understandable considering everything that happened to Rafael in the end.

And even Luisa- annoying af, but she’s still a complex character, which is really seen in the relationship with her brother.

Aside from the characters,

breaking boundaries is what I LOVE that Jane the Virgin has done. Gina Rodriguez is right when she says that she has opened more doors for people.

It’s important that Alba speaks mainly Spanish and is undocumented. When she almost got deported, I cheered when the screen said #YesThisReallyHappens #ImmigrationReform. Like, yes, go ahead and say it.

The casting is on point. And I love that it’s the Villanueva women. They all have their own personalities, but their family is at the center of it all. And their religion is at various centers for them.

Also love the names – Jane, Xiomara, Rogelio. Mateo.

THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. Enjoyed watching every second. Just when you think it’s going one way, it turns around and gives you a twist. And it’s not a cliche twist- ever. It’s a fun ride.

Also- Rogelio is a sweetie.

Jane the Virgin can and it did.

5/5 from me. 100% RT.

Watched on: Netflix


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