On The Odyssey

I write for it.

I enjoy writing for it and having a deadline to meet.

But man, oh man, people.

So- there are some websites where their articles and news pieces clearly lean to the left or to the right.

The Odyssey seeks to empower millennial voices, which it does, by allowing people who have something to say to say it on their platform.

But oh my gosh. S/o to the articles that my friends share. Those are the ones I like. Perhaps because I go to a liberal school on the Bluff in free spirited Los Angeles next to “depraved” Hollywood, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, scrolling through the main page of The Odyssey brings me to articles with opinions that I would rather pretend don’t exist.

There’s incorrect information, hateful opinions, a lack of understanding for other cultures, and people who are relying on statements that they have heard all of their lives. For me, it is not an enjoyable front page to scroll through.

I’m argumentative. But when it comes to having to constantly defend human rights and the dignity of myself and of others, being argumentative gets exhausting. No one should have to constantly prove that they deserve the label of being a human being. We were all born that. Why do we have to keep having discussions about it and statements that deride the truth of that?

And man- when people are wrong, they stick to their opinion as if a higher power handed it down to them. The truth hardly matters to them.

And yeah- I’ll be real. I think I’m woke. I know I have a lot more waking up to do. There’s so many issues, so many people, so many cultures, so much systemic ish to break down.

And maybe (too many ands, but aye, my blog, my rant) people will say that conservative voices are being silenced. That people will have their opinion and what not.

But YO- boo, if your opinion is erroneous and rooted in taking away anyone’s humanity, I don’t have to read your article, respond to your comment, or engage with you in a conversation.

I used to think that was the way to do things. Show people the humanity that you have, and then they will extend it to the rest of your community. Be calm and levelheaded. Pshh. Not the case. If you are black and have friends that say racist things, you are the exception to their racism. They don’t see you as black. They see you as maybe an oreo, as an outlier to the rest of the race. And that’s not good enough. It’s not good at all.

So- I’ve learned you could be the best person in the world. But that doesn’t mean people will see you and think that of the rest of your people.

As concerns The Odyssey, I am grateful for the opportunity and am going to continue to write my articles for them. For me, it is a good chance to further educate myself on things that I am interested in. But as for reading articles that tone police people, further encourage bigotry, and present incorrect information- it’s not for me.



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