2016 is like God’s own reality show. Or maybe the Devil’s. Who knows. But for millennials, we haven’t really seen anything like this before.

So let’s talk about Brexit.

It made me really anxious and sad. Had I heard about this campaign until the past few days? Nope. But- regardless, from the articles I’ve read, it seems as if the Brexit advocators were most upset over the EU’s immigration policies. Obviously, the Brexit peeps remind me of Trump supporters in the US. It seems as if their concern was nativist/xenophobic/based in thinking the immigrants were going to ruin their economy (when immigrants actually boost the economy, at least in the US). So, if I had gotten a vote, I would have voted to stay in.

Britain has this reputation of being the rational parent of the United States. Brexit basically rubs me as a hot-tempered cousin of the US.

The negative effects of leaving the European Union have already started to show themselves, or will soon. Whether it’s for the economy, the pound, the film industry, or any other industry.

But I’m pretty proud of my friends and I for actually knowing what’s going on somewhere else in the world.

It’s crazy though- with the amount of news that circulates in a day, things can seem not so important. You hear the news, relate what happened, and move on. But the UK leaving the EU, that’s a hugeeeee deal.

And a very bad move.  #ImWithIn

(and Scotland should rejoin the EU)



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