Bizaardvark Theme Song

Watched on: Television, Disney Channel

Production Company: It’s A Laugh Productions

Creators: Kyle Stegina, Josh Lehrman

Synopsis: Two best friends, Frankie and Paige, operate a Vuuugle account called Bizaardvark. They don’t feel as if they fit in at their prep school, and they have been excited to use the Vuuugle space once they hit 10,000 subscribers. When they finally do achieve the privilege of joining Vuuugle, they feel as if they have “found their people”. The feeling quickly fades as they rub various Vuuuglers the wrong way. However, once they regain confidence in their comedic voices through a video about late comebacks, they are welcomed into the Vuuugle family.

I really liked it!

The two main actresses, Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu, draw in the audience. I definitely want to see future episodes and see where their friendship goes.

The Comeback video was really funny. Being good at comebacks, except too late, is a great idea for a video, and their execution of it was great.

Also- it’ll be interesting to see if Bizaardvark acts as a criticism of YouTube in a way. It seemed like it almost could go that way. We’ve seen Hollywood criticisms, but YouTube would be new territory.

It’s a little reminiscent of iCarly but not that much. Also, it was enjoyable how the prim and proper girl ended up being nice at the end and not just solely pretentious.

Bravo Disney Channel.


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