Adventures in Babysitting Trailer

Watched on: Television, Disney Channel

Production Company: Disney Channel

Director: John Schultz

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

The best thing about Adventures in Babysitting is definitely the casting. That being said, the two main characters suffer from a lack of development. They are mostly one-sided for the majority of the film, until the last act. Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) is very uptight and negative, and Lola (Sofia Carson) is very rebellious and nonchalant. The characters themselves would have benefitted from a greater character arc. However, the actresses for the film shine. They both do a very good job, and although Jenny acts in Girl Meets World, I would love to see both of them do other projects too. The secondary characters all have better arcs than the main characters, and as a result, they are more enjoyable to watch during the film. I really like how they all had different personality traits and ways to exhibit them.

While the story wasn’t very unique and was full of typical surprise here and there, the taking of photographs throughout the film is a nice touch to it. Especially the way that the various characters involve themselves in the process too.

There isn’t really a clear reason why Lola and Jenny end up being friends, but the ending of the film is adorable.

Also- adding on to the characters, the “evil” characters are pretty stereotypical. Big, butch lady drives a truck. Big, overweight guy chases you around. Treats the smaller guy like he’s stupid.

But again, the secondary children characters are great, and the actresses for Jenny and Lola shine.

Comparing it to the DCOM’s that they’ve been playing, I don’t think it matches up to the ones of the early 00’s and the 90’s. They seem to follow the same formula with editing and whatnot, but Adventures in Babysitting and recent musical ones, don’t seem to say as much socially as the earlier ones did. For example, Tru Confessions. That’s one that I saw when they were playing the marathon, and I had forgotten what it was about and how beautifully done it was. The characters seemed to have more depth. The DComs seem to go more on the entertaining side now.

But it was still an enjoyable film, mostly due to the ending.

The rap scene was really fun too- “we’re the babysitters!”


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