Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong Trailer

Watched on: Netflix

Executive Producers: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg

Director: Emily Ting

Genre: Independent, Romance

My rating: 5/5

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Shout-out to my friend Andre because he recommended I watch this one.

I loved it. It was definitely a good length for what the story line was about. It’s one of those short, sweet, indie films that is just really nice to watch and that you’ll remember. I thought it was a great decision to not have subtitles for things that were said in Cantonese, until the end when they did have some. Just as they weren’t necessary in the beginning, they weren’t necessary at the end.

However, THAT ENDING THOUGH. It’s a testament to how involved the audience gets into the potential relationship of Ruby and Josh that the ending makes you scream. I was anxiously waiting for Ruby to either tell the cab driver to continue on or to not. Although I originally texted my friend back to say, “HOW DARE IT END LIKE THAT. WHAT. WHAT”, I do appreciate endings like that because they’re very realistic.

The story was also very relatable. I found Ruby and Josh’s acting to be awkward in the beginning, but it does fit considering they had just met. It was the lack of eye contact that made it awkward for me.

I’m also going to go ahead and recommend it, and I would love to see future things from Emily Ting. I would also definitely watch a continuation of this movie.

Bonus: The song chosen for their ride to the music concert was awesome.

Bonus 2.o: “It’s yesterday in LA.”


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