Suicide Squad Trailer

First off, Rotten Tomatoes be trippin’ with this one. Now, back to business.

Watched in: Cinemark Theaters

Production Companies: DC Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment, and RatPac-Dune Entertainment

Director: David Ayer

Genre: Superhero, Action

My rating: 4/5

RT (while trippin’): 26% – I haven’t yet read the critic reviews, but I will after I write this.

So, I’ve been hella hyped for Suicide Squad to come out. I literally missed a showing of Selena because they were going to play on the same day. I have been absolutely in love with the aesthetic and the marketing that DC/Warner Brothers chose to do for this film. The colors are my favorite thing, and I think they added a lot to the feel of the movie.

Also, the diversity of the cast is fantastic. Minorities aren’t just chucked away as supports.

While they aren’t all perfect- hence El Diablo falling into the same East LA gangster stereotype seen before, they still have back stories. It was easy to tell who the two most important characters were because of the length of time given to their introductions. Those characters were Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Death Shot (Will Smith). And although this film ran the risk of El Diablo just being a stereotype, not excused by having superpowers, he had an important back story and mentality that showcased a depth to him. So, owing to his backstory, it was nice that he was from East LA. While we do need more representation of other personalities, it’s good to give depth to one that is usually skimmed over.

It was also easy to know who wasn’t very important due to the amount of time they spoke. El Diablo, KillerCroc, and Katana did not have many lines to say. KillerCroc is pretty irrelevant right now, but Katana has an interesting history. I thought she would have had a larger role from reading an interview that Karen Fukuhara gave.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. I found myself getting immersed into it, despite spots of cell phone activity from other people in the audience. The scenes that gave a purpose to the Suicide Squad were good. They needed a reason to work together, and the film gave the audience that.

My brother’s favorite scene was actually the scene in the bar when they have a cause to rally against, and mine was the scene with Harley on top of the car when she tried to pretend she wasn’t crying. So, at least from our experiences, the giving Suicide Squad a purpose to be a team was very important.

I liked everyone’s acting. Very believable. Some people probably had issues with the amount of references to Harley Quinn’s “hotness”, but eh.  I’m not bothered rn. It’s gonna be my Halloween costume. There was one odd shot though that made it look as if Harley had gotten hit in between the legs. It was kind of unnecessary.

Something that I enjoy about superhero movies is the humor in it. Not all of the humor went off as planned with the audience that I was a part of, and I think that owed to timing, but it was still a chuckle-worthy movie.

The music choices were excellent.

I’m unsure how I feel about Jared Leto’s joker, but I think I like it… The hand tattoo is a nice edition.

Definite good job to the costume designer and of course to the people who created the original comic books.

Again, I haven’t read the critic reviews, but if I had to guess an issue, I would say the editing of the timeline. When the soldier said that this had all  began three days ago, I was totally thrown off. Here’s what it seemed was happening:

There was a threat facing the world. Amanda Waller decides to gather the Suicide Squad to aid her in conquering this threat. After the Suicide Squad is gathered, Enchantress awakens her brother, and they cause destruction downtown.

Instead, what actually happened was:

Enchantress overpowered Dr. June. Then Amanda Waller decided upon enlisting Suicide Squad’s help.

I totally never would have gotten that if the solider did not explicitly state that. Beyond the timeline editing, it might have felt similar to a trailer or just an introduction of something to come.

Anyway, despite that, there are many things to love about this movie, and I’ll be one of the people who is going to go see the next film starring this cast.

P.S. Harley is the homegirl. All my friends are heathens take it sloooow. 


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