Stop Romanticizing The Past

Note to self.

And also- keep those accountability partners close, and the friends who are willing to tell you information that is going to hurt you because it’s better for you to put on some glasses as opposed to seeing the world through blurry eyes.

It’s so easy to forget the bad things about a year. We get older and sometimes long for the past, forgetting that seventh grade was the worst year of our life when it was the year we were going through.

You miss something, and suddenly, it has a halo glow, and it looks just as good as the city lights.

Well, nothing- except agape is as beautiful as city lights. The little bright bits of darkness that light up the town like stars. (In Los Angeles, we can’t see them obviously)

The past keeps you from doing you. Focusing on your dreams and goals.

It’s like I forgot I had dreams, and things that I wanted to do for myself.

So, I’m gonna go back to that. I’m gonna rediscover my love for the lights of the city, and for my own inner light.

I don’t have to leave it all behind, and I don’t think that would be fair, but I’m gonna do some running to the front of the line.

It’ll be better that way. and much more present.


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