Soccer Game

November 1st, 2015.

I went to an LMU soccer game. I ran into Jackee and other newly minted Tri Deltas at Starbucks. And I did all of this with you.

The world felt new and fresh. I was excited. I was also a little upset. You were beautiful but not so dissimilar from my ex-boyfriends.

I enjoyed clutching onto you at ScareLA or ScreamLA or whatever it was called. I was scared and you were near, my friend who was soon to be more.

What do you think about me?

How do you feel about me?

November 1st, 2016

I remember the person who I thought was so beautiful. And I don’t think it was all a ruse. But I’m much less inclined to go back to a soccer game with you. Or to spend a night, near your wall, under that poster of a gamer girl who looked like a devil in the dark, being held on to by you.


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