Coming back at ya with the Summer Film Series, 2017 version.

I’ve already seen some films this summer, but I felt like writing now so here we go.

I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Circle, and now Our Song.

Our Song is a movie that has popped up on my Netflix and intrigued me from the description and the thumbnail. However, I’ve never managed to click on it until today because I have a better attention span for TV shows right now. I mean the 20 minutes ones (s/o Fresh Off The Boat).

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about Our Song. I just wanted to write.

It was the kind of movie that I always enjoy. Understated. Handheld. Aesthetically indie. Understated. Focused on its characters. I felt as if something was maybe missing, but it is a still a movie that I would remember. It was also interesting to watch a young Kerry Washington knowing where she is now.

The film moved in realism.  It was very ordinary, which I appreciated. The sounds of gunshots and the death of a woman by suicide stop the world for a second but the world continues on the next. It’s just a day in the life.

Also, one of the main characters has the name of one of my best friends, Melissa Martinez, so I enjoyed that too haha.

I gave it the new Netflix thumbs up.