Short Film/Doc – Life Between Borders: Black Migrants in Mexico

Director: Ebony Bailey

Mitu did a write-up about this documentary:

If you want to skip the mini-article, here’s the video: (there’s another one with Spanish subtitles)

Anyway! I really appreciated this documentary. It follows some recent Haitian immigrants and speaks about their stories, but it also has an interview with an immigrant from African named Amadou who arrived in the 1970s. It was cool to see the different perspectives among the black diaspora there and how they perceive their treatment in Mexico. Also, I didn’t know that Africa had had any influence in Mexican cuisine, but apparently it has had a bunch. Which would actually be a really cool thing for me to look up later. One of girls, who seemed more frustrated with how Mexico treats her, mentioned that the government covered up African contributions a lot. That reminded me of America and the contributions of every ethnic group that is not white.

I don’t have much I really want to say about the documentary, except that it introduced me to a new topic and inspired me to learn more. I mainly write these so I can remember how I feel about certain things that I’ve viewed.

Anyway, off to re-watch Get Out. Toodaloooo.



Short Films I Love: Vámonos

Summary (as told by Remezcla): “The short, which was partly crowd-funded, centers on Hope, a young woman distraught after losing her girlfriend. But she cannot even grieve in peace when she knows her girlfriend’s mom will be burying her in a dress — an unthinkable outfit for those who knew and loved Mac for who she was. And so, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Darkly funny and very touching, Vámonos pushes back against long-standing Latino cultural attitudes toward the LGBT community, celebrating the beauty of butch lesbians.”

Director’s website:

Fun fact: I’ve been really excited for a new web series called Gente-fied to come out, and it turns out that Marvin Lemus is the one who created that! It’s a small film world after all.