The Sound of: Being Alive

A fictional narrative that chronicles the forgotten aspirations of a group of five friends throughout high school.
Once they are reminded of the importance of their dreams through a letter they wrote to their future selves during freshmen year, they return to trying to accomplish their goals. They become happier through that, and their world-weariness is shed.

Dir. Alexis Paige (Me)

Starring: Kyle Turner, Alreal Angelle, Manniah Harris, Nykeia Jones, Mercedes Candiloro, Kari Clay, Isabel Sequiera, Sheena Walker, Charlie Sigur, Coach Rice, Mrs. Harris, Saul Ochoa, Matthew Sharp

:’) The video that got me into film school- LMU SFTV, NYU Tisch, and Pratt Institute. So, I’ll always love this one very much. And I purposely used my friends for it so that it would always hold a special place in my heart.